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English translation of bambino


The Italian word 'bambino' is used to refer to a young child or baby. The feminine version is 'bambina'. It is used in the same contexts as the English word 'baby'.

Example sentences using: bambino

Il bambino sta mangiando un gelato.

English translation of Il bambino sta mangiando un gelato.

The child is eating an ice cream.

This sentence describes an ongoing action being performed by the child, specifically eating ice cream. The verb 'sta mangiando' is in the present continuous tense, which is used to indicate an action that is happening at the moment of speaking.

Bambino, non correre in casa!

English translation of Bambino, non correre in casa!

Child, don't run in the house!

This sentence is a command or an expression of a direct request, advice, or instruction. In this particular example, the speaker is telling the child not to run indoors. The use of 'non' before the verb 'correre' negates the verb, thus making it a negative command.

Quanto pesa questo bambino?

English translation of Quanto pesa questo bambino?

How much does this child weigh?

This sentence is posed as a question, asking about the weight of the child. 'Quanto pesa' is a common phrase used when asking about someone's weight. It is quite literal, as 'quanto' translates to 'how much' and 'pesa' is the third person singular of the verb 'pesare', meaning 'to weigh'.

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