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English translation of avviso


The word 'avviso' in Italian is used to mean 'notice'. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as a warning, a notification, or a piece of information. For example, 'Ho ricevuto un avviso di pagamento' means 'I received a notice of payment'.

Example sentences using: avviso

Hai ricevuto il mio avviso?

English translation of Hai ricevuto il mio avviso?

Did you receive my notice?

This is used when someone wants to know whether the recipient has received their notice.

L'avviso è sulla porta.

English translation of L'avviso è sulla porta.

The notice is on the door.

This phrase can be used to guide someone towards a notice, which in this case, is on the door.

Emitto un avviso di tempesta.

English translation of Emitto un avviso di tempesta.

I issue a storm warning.

This phrase would commonly be used in scenarios dealing with weather forecast or updates where a storm warning is being issued.

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