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English translation of avere


The Italian word 'avere' is used to express possession or ownership, similar to the English word 'have'. It can also be used to form the present perfect tense in Italian, as in 'Ho mangiato una mela' (I have eaten an apple). However, unlike English, 'avere' is not used as an auxiliary verb in the past tense, where 'essere' is used instead.

Example sentences using: avere

Io ho una mela

English translation of Io ho una mela

I have an apple

In this example the verb 'avere' (to have) is used to indicate possession. 'Io ho' is the first person singular form meaning 'I have'. 'Una mela' means 'an apple'.

Ho bisogno di tempo

English translation of Ho bisogno di tempo

I need time

In this example 'ho bisogno di' translates to 'I need'. 'Tempo' means 'time'. The Italian verb 'avere' (to have) is used to express needs, where in English we would use the verb 'to need'.

Hanno una grande casa

English translation of Hanno una grande casa

They have a big house

This sentence uses 'hanno', which is the third person plural form of the verb 'avere' (to have), indicating possession. 'Una grande casa' translates to 'a big house'.

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