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English translation of avere

to have

In Italian, 'avere' conveys possession and is also used in different linguistic contexts. For instance, it acts as an auxiliary verb in the compound tenses of transitive verbs. It is equally used to indicate age, physical sensation, and certain mental states. Moreover, its usage is important in several Italian idiomatic expressions.

Example sentences using: avere

Ho due gatti

English translation of Ho due gatti

I have two cats

This is a simple Italian sentence using the first person singular ('ho', which comes from 'avere') to show possession of two cats.

Dovrai avere pazienza

English translation of Dovrai avere pazienza

You will have to have patience

In this example, 'avere' is used in infinitive form ('avere') together with the future tense of dovere ('dovrai') to express the need for patience.

Avete un minuto per parlare?

English translation of Avete un minuto per parlare?

Do you have a minute to talk?

This sentence uses 'avete', the second person plural form of 'avere', to ask if the interlocutors have time to talk.

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