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English translation of aumentare


The word 'aumentare' in Italian is used to express the concept of 'rise' in English. It is often used to describe an increase in quantity, value, or intensity. For example, 'Il prezzo del petrolio aumenta' means 'The price of oil rises'. It can also be used to express a rise in rank or status, as in 'Egli è aumentato di grado' meaning 'He has risen in rank'.

Example sentences using: aumentare

Possiamo aumentare la produzione

English translation of Possiamo aumentare la produzione

We can increase the production

Here, 'aumentare' is used in the context of making the production larger or greater in amount.

Voglio aumentare la mia forza

English translation of Voglio aumentare la mia forza

I want to increase my strength

In this example, 'aumentare' suggests the desire to make one's physical or mental power greater.

Devo aumentare la velocità

English translation of Devo aumentare la velocità

I need to increase the speed

In this sentence, 'aumentare' is used to indicate the need to make the speed higher or faster.

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