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English translation of ancora


The Italian word 'ancora' is used in the same context as the English word 'still'. It is used to describe a situation that is continuing, or a state or condition that remains in effect. For example, 'Sto ancora aspettando' translates to 'I am still waiting'. It can also be used to indicate repetition, similar to also or again in English.

Example sentences using: ancora

Ancora non ho finito.

English translation of Ancora non ho finito.

I haven't finished yet.

In this example, 'ancora' is translated as 'yet', signifying an ongoing action that has not been completed.

Dovresti provare ancora.

English translation of Dovresti provare ancora.

You should try again.

Here, 'ancora' is used to mean 'again', referring to the repetition of an action.

Gli piace ancora il gelato.

English translation of Gli piace ancora il gelato.

He still likes ice cream.

In this context, 'ancora' translates as 'still', meaning a status or condition that continues to exist.

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