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English translation of anatra


The Italian word 'anatra' translates to 'duck' in English. It is used to refer to both the animal and the meat, same as in English. Within context, it can also imply ducking something - an act of lowering one's head or body quickly to avoid an impact, danger or scrutiny.

Example sentences using: anatra

Ho una anatra nel mio giardino.

English translation of Ho una anatra nel mio giardino.

I have a duck in my garden.

This sentence demonstrates a simple, present tense assertion. It introduces the concept of ownership, expressed through the verb 'ho' (I have). It also incorporates 'nel' (in the), a contraction of 'in il' (in the), demonstrating Italian's use of prepositional contractions.

L'anatra è sotto la sedia.

English translation of L'anatra è sotto la sedia.

The duck is under the chair.

In English, we use the definite article 'the' before both singular and plural nouns, even if the noun was not previously mentioned. In Italian, the concept is the same and the definite article is 'l' before 'anatra' (duck), demonstrating Italian's use of the definite article before a vowel.

Mi piace mangiare l'anatra arrosto.

English translation of Mi piace mangiare l'anatra arrosto.

I like to eat roast duck.

This sentence demonstrates a more complex structure, introducing the concept of expressing likes or preferences (Mi piace). It uses a full infinitive verb 'mangiare' (to eat) indicating an action. It also introduces the concept of a compound noun, where 'l'anatra arrosto' literally translates to 'the duck roast'.

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