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English translation of amore


The Italian word for love is 'amore'. It is used in a variety of contexts similar to English, such as to express affection for a person, to denote an interest or passion for something, and as a term of endearment between loved ones. It can be used in both formal and informal conversations.

Example sentences using: amore

Amore a prima vista.

English translation of Amore a prima vista.

Love at first sight.

This is a common phrase used in many languages not just Italian or English. It means to fall in love with somebody the very first time you see them.

Vivo per il tuo amore.

English translation of Vivo per il tuo amore.

I live for your love.

This is a very dramatic way to say that you are so much in love with a person that you feel your life entirely depends on their love for you. It is often used in songs, poetry and other literary contexts.

Amore mio, come stai?

English translation of Amore mio, come stai?

My love, how are you?

This is a common phrase for someone to use when addressing their significant other in a loving manner. The term 'amore mio' literally translates into 'my love' and is a term of endearment.

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