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English translation of amico


The Italian word 'amico' translates to 'buddy' in English. It is used to refer to a friend or companion. This noun is commonly utilized in casual conversations and can be found in various contexts. The plural form is 'amici'. It's important to note the gender and quantity agreement in Italian language when using this word.

Example sentences using: amico

Ciao amico, come stai?

English translation of Ciao amico, come stai?

Hello friend, how are you?

This is a common greeting in Italian, similar to how you would say it in English. The phrase 'come stai?' literally translates to 'how are you?'

Il mio amico è molto simpatico.

English translation of Il mio amico è molto simpatico.

My friend is very nice.

This sentence describes someone's friend as 'simpatico', which can mean friendly, nice, or pleasant. This is a common way to describe someone in Italian.

Amico, sei in ritardo!

English translation of Amico, sei in ritardo!

Friend, you are late!

In Italian, you can directly address someone by their relationship to you, in this case, 'amico' or 'friend'. This sentence is expressing disappointment or frustration that friend is late.

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