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English translation of allora


The Italian word 'allora' can be used in several contexts similar to the English word 'then'. It is primarily used in the temporal sense to denote 'at that time' or 'next'. Additionally, it can be used to imply a sequence or logical consequence, equivalent to 'so' or 'therefore' in English. However, keep in mind that the exact usage may vary and should match the context and intent of the conversation.

Example sentences using: allora

Allora, cosa facciamo adesso?

English translation of Allora, cosa facciamo adesso?

So, what do we do now?

In this sentence, 'allora' is used as a transition word, similar to 'so' in English, to transition from one subject to another.

Allora lo comprerò domani.

English translation of Allora lo comprerò domani.

Then I'll buy it tomorrow.

Here, 'allora' is used in the sense of 'then' or 'in that case' suggesting a dependent action on a previous context.

Allora, vediamo chi può aiutarci.

English translation of Allora, vediamo chi può aiutarci.

Well, let's see who can help us.

In this example, 'allora' is used similarly to 'well' in English, introducing a new topic or idea.

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