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English translation of affare


The word 'affare' in Italian is used to denote a deal or agreement, often in a business context. It can also refer to a bargain or a good opportunity. For example, 'Ho fatto un affare' means 'I made a deal' or 'I got a good deal'.

Example sentences using: affare

Questo è un affare d'oro.

English translation of Questo è un affare d'oro.

This is a golden deal.

In English, the phrase 'golden deal' can refer to a particularly advantageous business transaction. Similarly in Italian, the description 'un affare d'oro' can be used to denote a particularly good deal or opportunity.

Voglio fare un affare con te.

English translation of Voglio fare un affare con te.

I want to make a deal with you.

This Italian sentence can be used in a situation where two parties want to reach an agreement or compromise. The English phrase 'make a deal' translates directly to 'fare un affare' in Italian.

Quell'uomo fa sempre affari buoni.

English translation of Quell'uomo fa sempre affari buoni.

That man always does good business.

The construction 'fare affari' is equivalent to 'doing business' in English. In this case, the phrase specifies that the person always does 'good business', or 'affari buoni'.

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