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English translation of a


In Italian, the word 'a' is a preposition that is used to indicate direction or destination. It is similar to the English word 'to' and is often used before a noun or a location. For example, 'Vado a casa' means 'I am going to the house'. It is important to note that the word 'a' is used before a singular noun, while the word 'ai' is used before a plural noun.

Example sentences using: a

Vado a scuola

English translation of Vado a scuola

I go to school

This sentence expresses a daily action that an individual does, which is going to school. In Italian, the preposition 'a' is often used to indicate direction or purpose.

Mi piace andare a teatro

English translation of Mi piace andare a teatro

I like to go to the theater

In this example, the speaker likes to go to the theater. The verb 'andare' (to go) is commonly used with the preposition 'a' to express the destination of the action.

Sto andando a casa

English translation of Sto andando a casa

I'm going home

Here, the person is currently going somewhere specific - 'home'. Similar to the previous sentences, the preposition 'a' is used to signify the destination.

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