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English translation of tout


The French word 'tout' is used to represent the English term 'everything'. It is utilized in various contexts, which can range from referring to all things in an absolute sense, to implying every part of a certain aspect. 'Tout' is mostly used as an adjective, pronoun, or adverb. An example sentence would be 'Elle sait tout', which means 'She knows everything'.

Example sentences using: tout

Nous avons tout.

English translation of Nous avons tout.

We have everything.

'Tout' is used to mean 'everything' in this case. The speaker convey they have everything they need or want.

Elle a tout oublié.

English translation of Elle a tout oublié.

She forgot everything.

In this sentence, 'tout' means 'everything'. The speaker express that the mentioned person has no memory of certain things.

J'ai mangé tout le gâteau.

English translation of J'ai mangé tout le gâteau.

I ate all the cake.

This sentence is using 'tout' to mean 'all'. It shows that the speaker consumed the entire cake, and there are none left.

Il sait tout sur moi.

English translation of Il sait tout sur moi.

He knows everything about me.

'Tout' in this context means 'everything'. The speaker expresses that the mentioned person has comprehensive knowledge about them.

Il faut tout préparer.

English translation of Il faut tout préparer.

We need to prepare everything.

Here 'tout' is used to denote 'everything'. This sentence indicates the necessity of preparing every single item or detail.

Ils ont tout perdu.

English translation of Ils ont tout perdu.

They lost everything.

'Tout' is used as 'everything' in this sentence. The subject of the sentence experienced a complete loss of something.

Je vais tout arranger.

English translation of Je vais tout arranger.

I will fix everything.

In this sentence, 'tout' means 'everything'. The speaker promises to resolve all problems or make everything right.

Vous avez tout fait.

English translation of Vous avez tout fait.

You did everything.

'Tout' in this sentence is used as 'everything'. This phrase recognizes that the person or people being spoken to have accomplished all the tasks.

Tout est possible.

English translation of Tout est possible.

Everything is possible.

Here, 'tout' is used to express 'everything'. It suggests an unlimited potential or opportunity for any sort of outcome.

Je suis tout à toi.

English translation of Je suis tout à toi.

I am all yours.

Here, 'tout' is used before the preposition 'à' to mean 'all'. This is a idiomatic phrase showing the speaker's full dedication or commitment to someone.

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