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English translation of rien


The French word 'rien' translates to 'nothing' in English. It is used in the same way as in English - to denote the absence of something or to negate an existence. For instance, 'Je ne vois rien' translates to 'I see nothing'. When it starts a sentence or question, 'rien' should be used with 'ne' before the verb.

Example sentences using: rien

Elle ne craint rien.

English translation of Elle ne craint rien.

She fears nothing.

This phrase is used to describe someone who is brave or fearless. They are not afraid to face any challenges or dangers.

Il ne reste plus rien.

English translation of Il ne reste plus rien.

There is nothing left.

This sentence is often used to show a total depletion of something such as food, time, or resources.

Cela ne vaut rien.

English translation of Cela ne vaut rien.

This is worth nothing.

The phrase indicates that the thing mentioned previously has no value, either literally or metaphorically.

Je ne comprends rien.

English translation of Je ne comprends rien.

I understand nothing.

This sentence is usually used when the speaker does not understand something at all such as a lecture, a movie, or a conversation.

Il n'a rien dit.

English translation of Il n'a rien dit.

He didn't say anything.

This phrase is often used when the subject of the sentence (in this case, 'he') did not speak or respond.

Je ne vois rien.

English translation of Je ne vois rien.

I don't see anything.

This phrase is used when the speaker is unable to see anything due to darkness, being blinded, or simply not looking.

Il n'y a rien là-bas.

English translation of Il n'y a rien là-bas.

There is nothing over there.

This sentence is used to describe that there is nothing of interest or importance in a certain location.

Je n'ai rien fait.

English translation of Je n'ai rien fait.

I didn't do anything.

The speaker uses this phrase to express that they did not take any action or cause any events.

C'est mieux que rien.

English translation of C'est mieux que rien.

It's better than nothing.

This phrase is often used to express acceptance of a situation that is not ideal, but at least it's not the worst outcome possible.

Je ne regrette rien.

English translation of Je ne regrette rien.

I regret nothing.

The speaker uses this phrase to express that they don't feel sorry for their decisions or actions and would not change anything if given the chance to do it over again.

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