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English translation of quel


The French term 'quel' translates to 'which' in English. It is used in questions or statements to indicate a limited set of choices or potential options. For instance, if you want to ask 'Which book are you reading?', you would say 'Quel livre lis-tu?' in French. It's prevalent in both spoken and written French, and the usage mirrors that of the English word 'which'.

Example sentences using: quel

Quel âge as-tu?

English translation of Quel âge as-tu?

How old are you?

In French, 'Quel age as-tu?' is used to ask someone's age. 'Quel' is used here to mean 'What' or 'How' in context of age.

Quel jour est-il?

English translation of Quel jour est-il?

What day is it?

This is a common phrase used to ask the current day of the week. Here, 'Quel' translates to 'What'.

Quel temps fait-il?

English translation of Quel temps fait-il?

What's the weather like?

This is a common phrase used to inquire about the weather. Here, 'Quel' is used to express 'What'.

Quel est ton nom?

English translation of Quel est ton nom?

What is your name?

This sentence is commonly used to ask someone's name. In French, 'Quel' is used to refer to 'What' in English.

Quel est ton livre préféré?

English translation of Quel est ton livre préféré?

What is your favorite book?

In this case, 'Quel' is used to ask about personal preference, specifically, the person's most liked book.

Quel restaurant recommandez-vous?

English translation of Quel restaurant recommandez-vous?

Which restaurant do you recommend?

In this question, 'Quel' is the French word for 'Which', used when asking for a specific recommendation.

Quel beau jour!

English translation of Quel beau jour!

What a beautiful day!

In this expression, 'Quel' precedes an adjective and a noun, similar to English 'What a...'

Quel est le problème?

English translation of Quel est le problème?

What is the problem?

In this sentence, 'Quel' is used to signify 'What', asking for the specifics of a problem situation.

À quel moment dois-je venir?

English translation of À quel moment dois-je venir?

At what time should I come?

The phrase is used to inquire about the time of an appointment or meeting. 'Quel' is used here to ask 'At what time'.

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