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English translation of où


The French term 'où' is equivalent to the English word 'where'. It is used to ask about a location or position. Similar to English, 'où' can be used in both direct and indirect questions or clauses about location. As an example, 'Où est la bibliothèque?' translates to 'Where is the library?' in English. It also plays a role in some descriptive clauses, such as in 'L'endroit où nous avons mangé' which translates to 'The place where we ate'.

Example sentences using:

Où est la sortie?

English translation of Où est la sortie?

Where is the exit?

This French phrase is used when the speaker needs to find the way out of a place, like a building or a vehicle.

Où vas-tu?

English translation of Où vas-tu?

Where are you going?

This is a common question in French used to ask someone about their destination.

Où as-tu trouvé cela?

English translation of Où as-tu trouvé cela?

Where did you find this?

This phrase in French is used to ask someone about the place where they found something.

Où peut-on trouver un bon café?

English translation of Où peut-on trouver un bon café?

Where can we find a good coffee?

This sentence is used when asking for a place where the speaker can get a good coffee.

Où sommes-nous?

English translation of Où sommes-nous?

Where are we?

This phrase is commonly used to ask about the current location. This is usually used when the speaker is geographically confused or lost.

Où habites-tu?

English translation of Où habites-tu?

Where do you live?

This is a commonly used sentence in French to ask about someone's place of residence.

Où est-ce que je peux me garer?

English translation of Où est-ce que je peux me garer?

Where can I park?

This phrase is usually used to ask for a suitable or allowed parking spot.

Où dois-je signer?

English translation of Où dois-je signer?

Where should I sign?

This French phrase is usually used in formal settings to ask where exactly one should place their signature, for instance, on a document.

Où est ma cravate?

English translation of Où est ma cravate?

Where is my tie?

This phrase in French is used to ask for the location of a personal belonging, in this case, a tie.

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