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English translation of comprend


In French, 'comprend' is used to express the concept of understanding something - a situation, a concept, a language. It is more often used in a context where comprehension is required. Just like the English 'understand', it can be used in various sentences in past, present or future tenses.

Example sentences using: comprend

Elle comprend rapidement.

English translation of Elle comprend rapidement.

She understands quickly.

This phrase shows an indication of how fast someone can grasp concepts or ideas.

Tu comprends le français?

English translation of Tu comprends le français?

Do you understand French?

This is a simple question that you would pose to someone to confirm whether they understand the French language.

Je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis.

English translation of Je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis.

I do not understand what you are saying.

This phrase can be used when someone is trying to communicate with you in French, but you are having difficulty understanding them.

Nous comprenons l'importance de cet examen.

English translation of Nous comprenons l'importance de cet examen.

We understand the importance of this exam.

The phrase shows an understanding or realization about the importance or significance of something.

Ils ne comprennent pas pourquoi je suis triste.

English translation of Ils ne comprennent pas pourquoi je suis triste.

They do not understand why I am sad.

This phrase indicates that others are unable to grasp or are unaware of the reason behind your sadness.

Comprends-tu cette leçon?

English translation of Comprends-tu cette leçon?

Do you understand this lesson?

This is a question posed to check if someone understands a particular lesson or not. It can be used by a teacher or tutor.

Il comprend tout de suite.

English translation of Il comprend tout de suite.

He understands right away.

This statement is a testament to someone's ability to immediately understand things.

J'espère que vous comprendrez.

English translation of J'espère que vous comprendrez.

I hope you will understand.

In this phrase, the speaker expresses their wish or expectation for the listener to understand something, perhaps explaining a complex situation.

Je comprends plus maintenant.

English translation of Je comprends plus maintenant.

I understand more now.

The speaker uses this phrase to express that they have a better understanding of something than they did before.

J'ai compris la leçon.

English translation of J'ai compris la leçon.

I understood the lesson.

This is indicative of the speaker's realization or understanding after studying or going through a particular lesson.

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