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English translation of comment


In French, 'comment' is used to ask 'how' in any situation. It is an adverb that inquires about the manner, way or means by which something takes place. It can be used in interrogative sentences, employ in indirect questions or often used rhetorically.

Example sentences using: comment

Comment ça va?

English translation of Comment ça va?

How are you?

This phrase is a common one in French, used when you are asking someone about their state or how they’re feeling. The word 'Comment' is used at the beginning to mean 'how', and the phrase overall translates to 'How is it going?'

Comment allez-vous?

English translation of Comment allez-vous?

How do you do?

This is a slightly formal way of asking someone how they are doing, often used in professional scenarios or contexts where the speaker doesn’t know the other person well. 'Comment' is asking 'how' and 'allez-vous?' means 'are you going?'

Comment tu t’appelles?

English translation of Comment tu t’appelles?

What's your name?

Though it translates literally as 'How do you call yourself?', this phrase is the normal French way to ask someone’s name. 'Comment' here again means 'how'.

Comment faire?

English translation of Comment faire?

How to do it?

This phrase is a general question one might ask when unsure about how to proceed with a certain task. 'Comment' stands for 'how' while the 'faire' stands for 'do'.

Comment se passe votre journée?

English translation of Comment se passe votre journée?

How is your day going?

This is the usual way to ask someone in French about their day. The word 'Comment' in this context is asking 'how' and the rest of the phrase 'se passe votre journée?' translates as 'is your day going?'

Comment dit-on cela en français?

English translation of Comment dit-on cela en français?

How do you say that in French?

This phrase is used when asking someone to translate a word or phrase into French. 'Comment' means 'how', 'dit-on' translates to 'do you say', and 'cela en français?' is 'that in French?'.

Comment était ton weekend?

English translation of Comment était ton weekend?

How was your weekend?

This is a casual phrase you might use to ask a friend about their weekend. 'Comment' is used to say 'how', and 'était ton weekend?' translates to 'was your weekend?'.

Comment puis-je vous aider?

English translation of Comment puis-je vous aider?

How can I help you?

This is a polite question, often used in service industries where the speaker is offering assistance. 'Comment' is 'how', 'puis-je' is 'can I', and 'vous aider?' is 'help you?'

Comment ça marche?

English translation of Comment ça marche?

How does it work?

This is a common question asked to understand the functioning of something. 'Comment' here translates to 'how', and 'ça marche?' is translated as 'does it work?'

Comment est-ce possible?

English translation of Comment est-ce possible?

How is it possible?

This phrase expresses disbelief or surprise at something that has happened or been said. 'Comment' begins the sentence to say 'how', and 'est-ce possible?' means 'is it possible?'

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