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English translation of ça


In French, the word 'ça' is used as a demonstrative pronoun, similar to how 'that' is used in English. It is utilized to refer to a specific object or item being mentioned previously, or close to the speaker. Remember it's often used in conversational speech rather than a formal one.

Example sentences using: ça

Ça me manque.

English translation of Ça me manque.

I miss it.

The literal translation would be 'it misses me', but the French use this structure to imply that the subject is missing something or someone.

Est-ce que ça te dérange?

English translation of Est-ce que ça te dérange?

Does it bother you?

This phrase is used often to politely ask if something is bothering the person you are talking to.

Ça m'est égal.

English translation of Ça m'est égal.

I don't mind.

This phrase is a casual way to express indifference or lack of preference in French.

Ça prend du temps.

English translation of Ça prend du temps.

It takes time.

This French phrase is used to point out that something is time-consuming.

Ça sent bon.

English translation of Ça sent bon.

It smells good.

You can use this phrase when you smell something nice. It's a common expression in French.

Ça y est!

English translation of Ça y est!

There it is!

This phrase is used often in French to point out that something or someone has arrived or appeared.

Ça marche.

English translation of Ça marche.

It works.

This phrase can be used in a variety of contexts to indicate that something is working. It can also used as 'That works for me' or 'OK' in informal French.

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