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English translation of bientôt


The French word 'bientôt' is equivalent to the English word 'soon'. It is an adverb frequently used to convey the imminent occurrence of an event or action. This word is generally used in future contexts, and it can be used at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a sentence.

Example sentences using: bientôt

Bientôt, l'été sera là.

English translation of Bientôt, l'été sera là.

Soon, summer will be here.

In this phrase, 'bientôt' is utilized to express that summer is nearly upon us.

Bientôt, nous mangerons.

English translation of Bientôt, nous mangerons.

Soon, we will eat.

This phrase uses 'bientôt' to articulate that the action of eating will be occurring in the near future.

Tu auras bientôt ton diplôme.

English translation of Tu auras bientôt ton diplôme.

You will have your diploma soon.

This sentence use 'bientôt' to indicate the near future when the listener will receive their diploma.

Bientôt, je partirai en vacances.

English translation of Bientôt, je partirai en vacances.

Soon, I will go on vacation.

In this sentence 'bientôt' is used to denote something that will happen in the near future, with the action being going on a vacation.

Le film sortira bientôt.

English translation of Le film sortira bientôt.

The movie will be released soon.

Here, 'bientôt' is used to express that the release of a movie is going to happen soon.

J'espère te voir bientôt.

English translation of J'espère te voir bientôt.

I hope to see you soon.

In this phrase, 'bientôt' shows the speaker's expectation to see the listener in the near future.

Ils arriveront bientôt.

English translation of Ils arriveront bientôt.

They will arrive soon.

This sentence uses 'bientôt' to denote an imminent future event, in this case, the arrival of 'They'.

Elle se réveillera bientôt.

English translation of Elle se réveillera bientôt.

She will wake up soon.

This phrase demonstrates the use of 'bientôt' to indicate a future action that is expected to occur shortly.

Il sera bientôt temps de partir.

English translation of Il sera bientôt temps de partir.

It will soon be time to leave.

This phrase uses 'bientôt' to express the immediacy of the future action of leaving.

Nous nous verrons bientôt.

English translation of Nous nous verrons bientôt.

We will see each other soon.

This French phrase uses 'bientôt' to express that the speaker will meet the listener in the near future. The literal translation is 'We will see us soon.'

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