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English translation of beaucoup


The French word 'beaucoup' translates to 'many' in English. It is typically used to denote a large quantity. 'Beaucoup' is an adverb and therefore does not conjugate or change form based on gender or number. It is commonly used in various contexts such as 'J'ai beaucoup de travail' - 'I have a lot of work'.

Example sentences using: beaucoup

J'aime beaucoup ce livre.

English translation of J'aime beaucoup ce livre.

I like this book a lot.

In this sentence, 'beaucoup' is employed to show the extent of the speaker's liking towards the book.

Merci beaucoup.

English translation of Merci beaucoup.

Thank you very much.

This is a common phrase used to show gratitude in French. 'Beaucoup' is used here to put emphasis on the degree of the speaker's thankfulness.

Elle travaille beaucoup.

English translation of Elle travaille beaucoup.

She works a lot.

Here, 'beaucoup' is used to indicate the high amount of work the person does.

Nous avons beaucoup d'amis.

English translation of Nous avons beaucoup d'amis.

We have a lot of friends.

In this context, 'beaucoup de' is used to quantify the number of friends the speaker has.

Tu parles beaucoup.

English translation of Tu parles beaucoup.

You talk a lot.

In this sentence, 'beaucoup' denotes the excessive amount of talking the person does.

J'ai beaucoup de travail à faire.

English translation of J'ai beaucoup de travail à faire.

I have a lot of work to do.

In this context, 'beaucoup de' is used to stress the large amount of work the speaker has to do.

Il pleut beaucoup aujourd'hui.

English translation of Il pleut beaucoup aujourd'hui.

It is raining a lot today.

Here, 'beaucoup' is used to describe the heavy rainfall occurring on the day.

C'est beaucoup trop cher.

English translation of C'est beaucoup trop cher.

It is way too expensive.

In this sentence, 'beaucoup trop' translates to 'way too' and is used to emphasize the excessively high cost of something.

Il mange beaucoup de pommes.

English translation of Il mange beaucoup de pommes.

He eats a lot of apples.

In this phrase, 'beaucoup de' is employed to quantify the large number of apples the person eats.

Il y a beaucoup de monde ici.

English translation of Il y a beaucoup de monde ici.

There are a lot of people here.

'Beaucoup de' literally translates to 'a lot of' and is used in this sentence to describe the large number of people present.

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