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A collection of French words and phrases related to transportation. Perfect for beginners learning French.


The French word 'conduire' translates to 'drive' in English and is often used to refer to the act of operating and controlling the direction and speed of a motor vehicle. Just like in English, it can also extend to figurative expressions like 'driving a hard bargain' which in French is 'conduire une dure bataille'. Use it in the context similar to how you would use 'drive' in English.

Example sentences with  conduire

The French word for 'window' is 'fenêtre'. It is used in the same context as in English, referring to an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light and may also allow the passage of sound and air. For example, 'Ouvre la fenêtre' means 'Open the window'.

Example sentences with  fenêtre

The French word for station is 'gare'. This term is usually used in the contexts of transportation, mainly referring to a train station. Similar to English, it can also denote a location where a specific activity or service is provided. However, it's more commonly used to talk about places where trains depart and arrive.

Example sentences with  gare

The French word 'impact' is used similarly to the English word 'impact'. It refers to the effect or influence that an event, person, or thing has on another. It can pertain to both literal physical impacts and more metaphorical influences. The same word is used in both languages with same spelling and pronunciation, showing how language can borrow and influence across cultures.

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The word 'ligne' in French is used similar to how 'line' is used in English. It can refer to a physical line or to a line of text in a book. It also can refer to a line of thought, or a line on a graph. Depending on the context, it can have a variety of meanings, just like in English. Over time, it is important to learn how 'ligne' is used in different situations to fully understand its meaning.

Example sentences with  ligne

The French word for 'trailer' is 'remorque'. It can be used in various contexts, but is usually associated with a movable object that is hitched to the back of a vehicle for transport. Just like in English, 'remorque' can also refer to a trailer for movies or TV series in French, though this usage is less common.

Example sentences with  remorque

The word 'route' in French translates to 'road' in English. It is chiefly used to denote a paved path for vehicles. It is part of many compound terms and expressions to talk about road conditions, directions, trips, etc.

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The French word for 'street' is 'rue'. It is used similarly as in English, to refer to a public road in a city or town. For example, you could say 'Je vis sur cette rue' which means 'I live on this street'.

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The French word for 'seat' is 'siège'. It is used in the same way as in English, to refer to something on which one can sit. It can be used for anything from a chair at a dinner table ('siège à la table') to a seat in a car ('siège de voiture'). It is also used metaphorically to refer to the place where something is located or based, such as a company headquarters ('siège social').

Example sentences with  siège

The French word 'tard' translates to 'late' in English. Similar to English, 'tard' can be used in several contexts in French. It can refer to the time of day, being late to an event, or anything not being on time. However, be aware that the way it is used in a sentence might slightly vary because French grammar is different from English grammar.

Example sentences with  tard

The French term 'taux' is equivalent to the English word 'rate'. It's used in many contexts such as mathematics, economics, and general usage, where it can mean proportion, ratio, or speed. For instance, 'taux de change' means 'exchange rate' in financial context, while in a general context 'taux de réussite' can mean 'success rate'. As with many words, it's usage often depends on the specific context.

Example sentences with  taux

The French word 'tourner' is used to indicate the act of rotating or turning something. Just like its English counterpart 'turn', 'tourner' can be used in various contexts. For instance, it can indicate a physical action like turning the head, a direction change while driving, or the act of flipping pages in a book. Also, it can be used metaphorically, like turning over a new leaf i.e., 'tourner une nouvelle feuille'.

Example sentences with  tourner
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