French French Vocabulary: Technology

Learn important French words and phrases related to technology. Improve your language skills and understanding of tech-related terms.

appareil photo

The French term for 'camera' is 'appareil photo'. It is used much in the same way as in English, referring to a device that captures images. An example of its use in a sentence is 'Je vais acheter un nouvel appareil photo' which means 'I am going to buy a new camera.'

Example sentences with  appareil photo

The French word 'avis' directly translates to 'opinion' in English. It is used in a similar fashion as in English - to express personal beliefs, thoughts, or views on a particular topic. For example, 'Mon avis est que le film était excellent' means 'My opinion is that the movie was excellent'. It can be used in various contexts and can replace 'opinion' in almost all English sentences.

Example sentences with  avis

The French word for 'data' is 'données'. It is used in the same context as in English, such as in the domains of computing, science, and businesses where information or facts are gathered for deep analysis, just that instead of 'data', 'données' is used.

Example sentences with  données

The French word for information is the same as it is in English - 'information'. This word is used in exactly the same way as it is in English, to refer to facts or details about a subject. It is used in both singular and plural context. For example, 'J'ai des informations à vous donner.'(I have some information to give you).

Example sentences with  information

In French, 'médias' is the translated term for 'media'. It is used in the same context as in English, referring to the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the internet) regarded collectively. Like in English, it can be used in singular or plural depending on the context, though plural (les médias) is more commonly used when referencing the media as a whole.

Example sentences with  médias

The French translation for news is 'nouvelles'. This word is mostly used in the context of referring to recent events or happenings, whether local or globally. It is used pretty similarly as in English, but must agree in number with what it's referring to. It can be used in various situations such as when discussing news articles (les articles de nouvelles), TV news (les nouvelles télévisées), or just to talk about general news (des nouvelles).

Example sentences with  nouvelles

The French word for computer is 'ordinateur'. This word is used much in the same way as it is in English, to refer to a programmable machine that performs high-speed processing of numbers, as well as manipulation of text, graphics, and sound. For example, 'Je suis devant mon ordinateur' which means 'I'm in front of my computer.'

Example sentences with  ordinateur

The French word for 'press' is 'presse'. It is used much like its English counterpart, both for the act of applying pressure to something and referring to the media industry. However, context plays a significant role in determining its specific use. For instance, in sentences alluding to the media or journalism, it refers to the press as an establishment. On the other hand, in the context of actions such as pressing a button, it is used as a verb.

Example sentences with  presse

The French word for 'technology' is 'technologie'. The usage is quite similar to English; it's used to refer to machinery and equipment developed from scientific knowledge. It can be used in various contexts, whether talking about the rise of new 'technologie', the use of 'technologie' in different industries, or studying 'technologie' at school. Like in English, in French it is also a commonly used word, especially in contemporary times when technology has a significant role in various aspects of life.

Example sentences with  technologie
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