French Learn French: Space Vocabulary

Expand your French vocabulary with words related to space. Includes terms for planets, stars, and other celestial objects.


The word 'espace' is used in French in the same way as 'space' is used in English. It can refer to physical space in the context of dimensions and geography, as well as outer space or cosmos. It can also refer to a space in a document or a form. Similar to English, 'espace' can also be used abstractly to refer to an interval or gap in time.

Example sentences with  espace

The French word 'étoile' translates as 'star' in English. It can be used in the same context as in English, pertaining to a natural object visible in the sky when dark or a famous person or personality. For example, 'Il y a beaucoup d'étoiles dans le ciel ce soir' means 'There are a lot of stars in the sky tonight'. Another example is 'Il est une étoile du cinéma' meaning 'He is a movie star'.

Example sentences with  étoile

The word 'lune' corresponds to the English word 'moon'. It is predominantly used in any context concerning the Earth's moon. For example, in sentences concerning moon phases, 'phase de la lune' or when talking about something under the moonlight, 'au clair de la lune'. Remember, unlike in English, 'lune' is feminine in French, so remember to use 'la' instead of 'le' before it.

Example sentences with  lune

The French word 'monde' translates to 'world' in English. It is used in a similar context to English, referring to the earth or a particular region or group of people on the earth. For instance, 'Le monde est beau' means 'The world is beautiful'. It can also be used to refer to a specific environment or milieu, like 'Le monde de l'art' meaning 'The world of art'.

Example sentences with  monde

The word 'soleil' is used in French to represent the star at the center of the Solar System, similar to 'sun' in English. It is a masculine noun, usually used in contexts of weather, celestial bodies, and light source. Example sentence: 'Le soleil brille' translates to 'The sun is shining'.

Example sentences with  soleil
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