French French Slang Learning Guide

A collection of commonly used French slang words and phrases to enhance your conversational skills.


The French word 'ouais' is often used as an informal or slang way to say 'yeah' in English. It is usually used in casual conversation and is equivalent to saying 'yes.' However, it is less formal than 'oui,' the standard French word for 'yes.'

Example sentences with  ouais
quoi de neuf
What's up?

In French, 'quoi de neuf' is a casual greeting typically used among friends. It translates literally to 'What's new?' in English, but is used more often in the same ways as English speakers would use 'What's up?'. This phrase is informal so it should not be used in formal or professional situations. It can also be a way of asking someone 'What's happening?' or 'What's going on?'

Example sentences with  quoi de neuf
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