French Restaurant Vocabulary

A collection of French vocabulary related to restaurants: food, beverages, utensils and phrases.


The French word 'compte' translates to 'account' in English. It is usually used in the context of situations involving banks, money, email accounts, and numerical counts. For example, one might say 'Ouvre un compte bancaire' which means 'Open a bank account', or 'Mon compte de courrier électronique' meaning 'My email account'. Apart from these, it also refers to taking something into consideration as in 'prendre en compte', meaning 'to take into account'

Example sentences with  compte

In French, the word 'bill' is translated to 'facture'. It is used in similar context as in English, primarily referring to an amount of money owed for goods supplied or services rendered, set out in a printed or written statement of charges. For instance: if you're at a restaurant and you're ready to leave, you would ask for the 'facture'.

Example sentences with  facture
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