French Learning French: Prepositions

Explore this page to understand French prepositions, their uses, meanings and how they differ from English prepositions.


The French word 'sous' is used to represent the English term 'under'. 'Sous' can be used in various contexts similarly as 'under', such as showing a decrease or deficit ('sous zéro' - 'below zero'), to indicate location ('sous le lit' - 'under the bed'), and to specify a relationship of authority ('sous la direction de' - 'under the management of').

Example sentences with  sous

The French word 'sur' is used in similar contexts as the English 'over'. It's used to denote location or position, suggesting something on top of or above something else. It can also denote an excess in quantity, number or degree, much like the English word 'over'. However, be aware that context is important in language translation and this word might have different translations depending on its usage.

Example sentences with  sur
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