French Learning French: Plants

A collection of French words related to plants that beginner English students can learn.


The French word for 'tree' is 'arbre'. It is used in the same context as English, to describe a type of plant that is typically taller than a shrub and has a trunk, branches and leaves. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as talking about nature, describing a location, or discussing environmental issues.

Example sentences with  arbre

The word 'fruit' in French is also 'fruit', pronounced with a French accent. It's used in the same way as in English, to describe a variety of sweet or sour food items usually consumed in a raw or cooked state, which come from plants or trees.

Example sentences with  fruit

The word 'plante' in French is used just like 'plant' in English. It can refer to the act of placing a seed or plant in the ground to grow or the actual living organism that we know as a plant. The context of the sentence often tells you which meaning is intended.

Example sentences with  plante
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