French French Vocabulary: Photography

A collection of French photography-related words and their English translations to improve your language skills.


The french translation for 'focus' is 'concentration'. Much like the English word, 'concentration' can be used in various contexts such as personal focus, photographic focus, or even academic focus. It is often used to denote the concentration of attention or energy on something.

Example sentences with  concentration

The word 'fonds' is used similarly to 'fund' in English. It can be used to refer to a sum of money saved or collected for a particular purpose or the place to which money is directed. 'Fonds' in French is often used in financial and banking contexts, similarly to how 'fund' is used in English.

Example sentences with  fonds

The word 'photo' in French is also 'photo', pronounced slightly differently. It is a common term used in everyday conversation, and just like its English counterpart, it is used to refer to a picture taken by a camera. You can use it in phrases like 'prendre une photo' which means 'take a photo'.

Example sentences with  photo

The word 'tir' in French translates to 'shot' in English. It is used similarly to English, often in contexts relating to sports such as a 'tir au but' in football meaning a 'shot on goal'. Also, 'tir' can refer to a shot of drink or a gunshot. However, it's essential to understand the context to use this word aptly.

Example sentences with  tir
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