French French Vocabulary: Personality

Learn French words related to personality. A collection of adjectives describing various types of personality in French.


The word 'agréable' in French translates to 'nice' in English. In French, it's used to describe someone, something, or a situation that brings pleasure or is enjoyable, similar to how 'nice' is used in English. Be mindful, though, in certain contexts it may be better translated with synonyms like pleasant, lovely, or delightful.

Example sentences with  agréable

The French word 'générosité' is used similarly as the English word 'generosity', typically referring to the quality of being kind and generous. It is often used in contexts like social, personal, and charitable donations, including helping others and showing kindness.

Example sentences with  générosité

The French word 'gentil' is equivalent to the English word 'kind'. It's frequently used to describe someone's character, similar to how it's used in English. You would use 'gentil' when describing someone who is nice, gentle, or kind-hearted. Like the English term, it can be used in various different contexts.

Example sentences with  gentil

The word 'gentillesse' is a common French noun often used to describe the quality of being kind or benevolent. It can be used in various contexts where you would want to highlight someone's kind nature or a kind act. It is always feminine and singular, regardless of whom it describes.

Example sentences with  gentillesse

The French word 'optimisme' is a masculine noun used in various contexts just like in English, to express hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something. It can also be used to describe a person's character trait.

Example sentences with  optimisme

The French word 'personnage' translates to 'character' in English. It is used in the same contexts as the English word, both in reference to fiction (characters in a book or movie) and as a way to describe someone's personality or qualities. However, it is not used to refer to a written symbol, like English does with 'character'.

Example sentences with  personnage

The French word 'sérieux' is used similarly to the English word 'serious'. It can refer to people, situations, or things that are grave, severe or crucial. This word can also be a description of someone who is solemn, grave, or not prone to frivolity. For example, 'Il est très sérieux' means 'He is very serious'.

Example sentences with  sérieux
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