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Learn and improve your French vocabulary related to office items and environment, expressions and terminologies.


The French word for 'price' is 'prix'. It is used similarly to its English counterpart by representing the cost of a good or service. 'Prix' can be found in various phrases, such as 'prix fixe' (set price) or 'prix unitaire' (unit price). It is a common term used in shopping and commerce-related conversations in French speaking environments.

Example sentences with  prix

The French translation for 'product' is 'produit'. It is used in a various contexts including mathematical, business, and usage in formal speech. It is important to note that 'produit' is a masculine noun in French language. For example, 'J'ai acheté ce produit en ligne.' translates to 'I bought this product online.'

Example sentences with  produit

The French word 'rapport' translates to 'report' in English. It is used in the French language to refer to detailed accounts or statements about a particular matter or occurrence, similar to how 'report' is used in English. This may include formal reports for school, workplace reports, or informational reports in journalism.

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'Rencontre' could refer to a meeting or an encounter. It can be used to describe the act of meeting someone new or making a new friend.

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The French word 'revendiquer' is equivalent to the English word 'claim'. It is used to express the affirmation of one's right to or ownership of something. It can also refer to an assertion of the truth of something, typically without providing evidence or proof. Just like in English, it can be used in various contexts such as legal, insurance, personal or social situations.

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The French term 'taux' is equivalent to the English word 'rate'. It's used in many contexts such as mathematics, economics, and general usage, where it can mean proportion, ratio, or speed. For instance, 'taux de change' means 'exchange rate' in financial context, while in a general context 'taux de réussite' can mean 'success rate'. As with many words, it's usage often depends on the specific context.

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The French word 'travail' is used in the same context as the English word 'work'. It can refer both to the act of working and the place where one works, although it is more commonly used to refer to the act of working. Like the English equivalent, it can also be used in various idiomatic expressions and phrases.

Example sentences with  travail

The French word 'travailleur' is used in much the same way as 'worker' in English. It describes someone who works, often in a manual or blue-collar capacity, but also applies more generally to anyone who exerts themselves laboriously. The pronunciation is tra-vai-yeur. It can also be used in multiple contexts. For instance, 'un travailleur acharné' means 'a hard worker', while 'les droits des travailleurs' refers to 'workers' rights'.

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The French word for 'sell' is 'vendre'. It is commonly used in the same contexts as 'sell' in English. For example, you might use it when talking about selling items in a store, selling a car, or even in expressions like 'sell out' that figuratively mean to betray one's principles for personal gain. As with English, the word's form changes with tense. For example, 'Je vends' means 'I am selling' or 'I sell'.

Example sentences with  vendre
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