French Learning French: News and Media

A collection of words categorized under 'Press Written'. Useful for learning written communication in French related to press.


The French translation for news is 'nouvelles'. This word is mostly used in the context of referring to recent events or happenings, whether local or globally. It is used pretty similarly as in English, but must agree in number with what it's referring to. It can be used in various situations such as when discussing news articles (les articles de nouvelles), TV news (les nouvelles télévisées), or just to talk about general news (des nouvelles).

Example sentences with  nouvelles

The French word for 'head' is 'tête'. It is used in the same way as in English to refer to the top part of the human body that includes the brain, eyes, mouth, etc. It is also used metaphorically in phrases like 'prendre la tête' (to be the leader) or 'mal de tête' (headache). Just as in English, 'tête' is a versatile word in French.

Example sentences with  tête
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