French Music and Dance Vocabulary in French

Explore French vocabulary related to music and dance. Learn different words, phrases and expressions within this category.


The French word for song is 'chanson'. It is used in the same way as in English, to describe a short piece of music with words. It could be a part of a musical, movie, or sung by a choir. It's also used colloquially to describe popular music tracks.

Example sentences with  chanson

In French, the word 'enregistrement' is used similar to the English 'record'. It can mean a document or notation of data saved for referencing later, or the act of saving such data. It is also used in the context of audio or video recording. However, like in English, it's not used to describe a sports achievement or a best-ever performance; that would be 'record' in French too.

Example sentences with  enregistrement

The French word for music is 'musique'. It is used in the same context as in English, referring to the art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. For example, you can say 'J'aime la musique' which means 'I love music'.

Example sentences with  musique

In French, 'note' has multiple meanings. It can refer to a 'note' as in a short written record, similar to its meaning in English. However, it can also refer to a 'grade' or 'mark' in an academic context, meaning the score a student receives on an assignment or exam. Therefore, it is important to consider the context when using this word.

Example sentences with  note
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