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The term 'armée' in French is used in the same context as 'army' in English, referring to a country's organized, armed land force. It is a female noun in French and is used in various contexts such as discussing the military, history or geopolitics. Like in English, it can also sometimes metaphorically refer to a large group of people or things.

Example sentences with  armée

The French word 'attaque' is used primarily in the context of a physical or verbal assault, similar to the English word 'attack'. It can be used to refer to an act of aggressive action against someone or something. It can also refer to a critical or hostile comment.

Example sentences with  attaque

The term 'lutte' translates to 'fight' in English and is used broadly equivalent to 'fight' in English. It can be used to describe a physical confrontation between two people, a struggle or a battle. For instance, in a sentence, 'Il a rejoint la lutte contre le cancer', translates to 'He joined the fight against cancer'. It illustrates how 'lutte' can be used to represent a fight or struggle.

Example sentences with  lutte

The French word 'militaire' translates to 'military' in English. It is used in the same context as in English, referring to anything related to the armed forces. For instance, 'école militaire' would translate to 'military school'. Just like in English, it can also be used as an adjective, as in 'service militaire' meaning 'military service'.

Example sentences with  militaire

In French, 'site' has a similar meaning as in English. It mainly refers to a location or place, and can be used for physical places or digital spaces like websites. So just like English, 'site' in French can mean a website or a physical location, depending on the context it is used in.

Example sentences with  site

The French translation for the English word 'kill' is 'tuer'. This word is generally used in the same context as the English language, referring to the ending of a life. It can be used in various situations but is most commonly seen in direct and indirect conversations discussing a hypothetical or actual situation where life is taken away. For example, 'Il pourrait le tuer' translates to 'He could kill him'. Remember, it is important to use this word appropriately, as it contains a heavy meaning.

Example sentences with  tuer
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