French Law and Justice French Vocabulary

Explore a collection of French words and phrases related to law and justice. Expand your legal French vocabulary.


The French word 'attaque' is used primarily in the context of a physical or verbal assault, similar to the English word 'attack'. It can be used to refer to an act of aggressive action against someone or something. It can also refer to a critical or hostile comment.

Example sentences with  attaque

The French word 'cause' is similar to its English counterpart 'cause'. It is used as a noun to refer to the origin or reason for something. However, it can also be used as a verb in some contexts equivalent to 'to cause'. Just like in English, it's used both in a legal context about a court cause, or to talk about the cause of events or phenomena. It's pronounced as koz.

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The French word for 'justice' is also 'justice', pronounced slightly differently. It is used in the same contexts as in English, such as referring to fairness or legal decisions. For example, 'La justice est servie' means 'Justice is served'.

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The French word for 'death' is 'mort'. It is a noun used in many contexts, similar to English. For example, it could refer to the end of life or a state of being dead. It can also be used metaphorically to express the idea of ending or extinction. Like many nouns, the use of 'mort' might change depending on whether it's used in a figurative or literal sense, and its meaning might be influenced by the words and phrases around it.

Example sentences with  mort
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