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A collection of words related to different types of jobs in French


The word 'artiste' in French is used very similarly to the word 'artist' in English. It refers to a person who creates art, often professionally. This could apply to a range of artistic professions, including painters, musicians, actors among others. Just as in English, it can also be used metaphorically in French to refer to someone who is extremely skilled in a certain area.

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In French, 'auteur' is used to denote author. It is often used in contexts such as storytelling, writing, film, and other mediums where creative narratives and ideas are created. Big emphasis is put on the author's unique personal influence on their work.

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The French word for 'employee' is 'employé'. It is used in much the same way as in English, to refer to a person who is hired to provide services to a company on a regular basis in exchange for compensation and who does not provide these services as part of an independent business. Remember, French nouns have a gender, and 'employé' is masculine. If you want to refer to a female employee, you would say 'employée'.

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The word 'médecin' is French for 'doctor'. It is a common term used within the healthcare profession. This term is used to refer to a medical professional who provides healthcare services, including diagnostics and prescriptions for treatment. Just like in English, the term is universally understood across all French-speaking regions, although in conversation, the casual term 'doc' is sometimes used.

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In French, the word 'police' has similar meaning as it does in English. It is used to refer to the civil force of a national or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. It holds the same spelling, pronunciation and context in both languages, making it easier to remember. An example of its use in a sentence would be - 'Elle travaille pour la police', which translates to 'She works for the police'.

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The word 'professeur' in French is used similar to the English word 'professor', used to address or refer to a teacher in the academic field, particularly in higher education like college or university. Just like in English, it carries a connotation of respect for the individual's knowledge in their particular subject area.

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The French word 'travailleur' is used in much the same way as 'worker' in English. It describes someone who works, often in a manual or blue-collar capacity, but also applies more generally to anyone who exerts themselves laboriously. The pronunciation is tra-vai-yeur. It can also be used in multiple contexts. For instance, 'un travailleur acharné' means 'a hard worker', while 'les droits des travailleurs' refers to 'workers' rights'.

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