French Industry and Energy Vocabulary in French

Explore a collection of French words related to Industry and Energy. This section helps enhance industry related French vocabulary.


The French word for 'development' is 'développement'. Just like in English, 'développement' can be used to reference the process by which someone or something grows and changes over time. It can also mean a new event, occurrence, or situation that changes a situation or people’s understanding of the situation. It is used in various contexts including personal, social, economic and technological growth or changes.

Example sentences with  développement

The French word for energy is 'énergie'. It is commonly used in the same context as the English equivalent. It can refer to physical vigor, sustainable resources like wind and solar power, or even the atmosphere in a room or gathering. For example, 'J'ai beaucoup d'énergie aujourd'hui' means 'I have a lot of energy today'.

Example sentences with  énergie

In French, 'facteur' is the word used to describe a factor or an element that contributes to a particular result. It can be used in various context such as Mathematics, Physics and even Economics. For instance, 'Le facteur humain est déterminant dans cette situation' means 'The human factor is decisive in this situation'.

Example sentences with  facteur

The French equivalent of 'industry' is 'industrie'. It is used in the same context as in English, referring to a particular form or branch of economic or commercial activity. It can also relate to a group of manufacturers or businesses that produce a particular kind of goods or services.

Example sentences with  industrie

The French word for 'network' is 'réseau'. This can refer to networks of all sorts, including a computer network (réseau d'ordinateurs), a social network (réseau social), or a television network (réseau de télévision). Similar to English, it can also denote a system of interconnected things or people. In French, you might use it in the sentence 'Je fais partie d'un grand réseau de professionnels' which translates to 'I am part of a large professional network'.

Example sentences with  réseau
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