French French Vocabulary: Housing

Learn French words and phrases about housing. This page includes common terminologies used in describing various aspects of housing.


The French word for building is 'bâtiment'. It is used in the same way as in English to refer to any type of structure that has a roof and walls, such as houses, schools, offices, etc. For example, 'J'habite dans un grand bâtiment' means 'I live in a big building'.

Example sentences with  bâtiment

In French, a 'roommate' is a 'colocataire'. This term is used to refer to a person who shares an apartment, house or other living quarters with another. It is commonly used in everyday conversation and formal contexts alike.

Example sentences with  colocataire

The French word 'confortable' is used similar to the English word 'cozy'. It is most commonly used to describe places or objects that are comfortable, warm, or inviting, such as a cozy home (un maison confortable) or a cozy chair (un chaise confortable). However, it doesn't express the intimacy or small space the way 'cozy' does in English.

Example sentences with  confortable

The French word for 'window' is 'fenêtre'. It is used in the same context as in English, referring to an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light and may also allow the passage of sound and air. For example, 'Ouvre la fenêtre' means 'Open the window'.

Example sentences with  fenêtre

The French word for 'wall' is 'mur'. It's used in the same way as in English, to refer to a vertical structure that defines and sometimes protects an area. For instance, 'Le chat grimpe sur le mur' means 'The cat is climbing on the wall'.

Example sentences with  mur

The word 'partager' in French, translated to English as 'share', is used similarly as in English. It can be used to refer to the act of giving a portion of something to others, such as 'partager un repas' (share a meal). It can also describe sharing in a more abstract sense, like information or experiences.

Example sentences with  partager

The French word for 'door' is 'porte'. It is a feminine noun in French, and it is used just as in English, to refer to the barrier or entrance to a room or building. You can use it in phrases like 'ouvrir la porte' (open the door), or 'ferme la porte' (close the door).

Example sentences with  porte

The French word 'propriété' is used in a similar way as 'property' in English. It can refer to a physical building or land owned by someone, or to an attribute, quality, or characteristic of something. For example, 'Elle a acheté une propriété à la campagne' means 'She bought a property in the country'. Likewise, 'La propriété de cette matière est qu'elle résiste à la chaleur' can be translated to 'The property of this material is that it is heat resistant'.

Example sentences with  propriété

The word 'terre' is used in French to mean 'land'. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as describing a piece of earth or ground (la terre), talking about a country or territory (la terre de mes ancêtres) or referencing the planet Earth itself (la Terre). This word is a common noun and always starts with a lowercase, except when it represents the Earth, or at the start of a sentence.

Example sentences with  terre
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