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Collection of French greetings. Learn to say hello, goodbye, and other common phrases in French.


The French word 'bienvenue' is used in almost the same ways as 'welcome' in English. It can be used to greet someone in your home or place of work, to accept gratefully something that is offered, or to acknowledge someone's thanks.

Example sentences with  bienvenue

In French, 'bonjour' is a common greeting. It is typically used during the day to say 'hello' or 'good day'. It is a formal and polite way to greet someone.

Example sentences with  bonjour
bonne nuit
Good night

The French word 'bonne nuit' is used as a parting phrase, said to people before they go to sleep. It is synonymous with the English phrase 'good night'.

Example sentences with  bonne nuit
comment ça va?
How are you?

The French phrase 'comment ça va?' is a casual way to ask 'how are you?' in English. It is usually used in informal settings among close friends and acquaintances or in casual conversations. It can mean both 'how are you?' and 'how is it going?'. As a general rule, the response can be 'ça va bien,' meaning 'I'm fine,' or simply 'ça va,' which can mean either 'I'm fine' or 'It's going.'

Example sentences with  comment ça va?
Enchanté de vous rencontrer
Nice to meet you

The French phrase 'Enchanté de vous rencontrer' is used when you first meet someone. It is more formal and is often used in business and formal situations. A more casual way could be just 'Enchanté'. It's gender and number neutral.

Example sentences with  Enchanté de vous rencontrer
quoi de neuf
What's up?

In French, 'quoi de neuf' is a casual greeting typically used among friends. It translates literally to 'What's new?' in English, but is used more often in the same ways as English speakers would use 'What's up?'. This phrase is informal so it should not be used in formal or professional situations. It can also be a way of asking someone 'What's happening?' or 'What's going on?'

Example sentences with  quoi de neuf
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