French Food & Drinks Vocabulary

A collection of French words and phrases related to food and drinks. Ideal for food enthusiasts.


The French equivalent for the English word 'cookies' is 'biscuits'. 'Biscuits' in French cover a wide range of both sweet and savoury varieties, just like 'cookies' in English. Examples of its usage in sentences could be: 'J'aime les biscuits avec mon café' (I like cookies with my coffee), 'J'ai mangé tous les biscuits' (I ate all the cookies).

Example sentences with  biscuits

In both English and French, 'champagne' refers to the sparkling wine made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. It's commonly used in celebrations like New Year's Eve and weddings. The French usage of 'champagne' is identical to the English usage.

Example sentences with  champagne

The French word for 'water' is 'eau'. It is used in the same ways as in English, both literally (to mean the liquid we drink and that fills the oceans) and metaphorically (as in the flow of a conversation). It's a feminine noun in French, so you would say 'une eau'.

Example sentences with  eau

The French word for cheese is 'fromage'. It can be used in similar ways to the English word cheese, including to refer to types of cheese, when ordering food in a restaurant, or in talking about food in general. Like in English, 'fromage' is a singular noun and can be made plural by adding an 's' to form 'fromages'.

Example sentences with  fromage

The word 'fruit' in French is also 'fruit', pronounced with a French accent. It's used in the same way as in English, to describe a variety of sweet or sour food items usually consumed in a raw or cooked state, which come from plants or trees.

Example sentences with  fruit

The French word 'fruits' perfectly aligns with the English word 'fruits'. It is used in the same way as in English, to refer to the sweet or savory product of a tree or other plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food. Just as in English culture, 'fruits' play a significant role in French diet, known for their emphasis on food and taste.

Example sentences with  fruits

The French word for 'milk' is 'lait'. It is used in the same way as in English. For example, 'Je bois du lait' means 'I drink milk'.

Example sentences with  lait

The word 'légumes' is used in French to refer to vegetables in general. It's a masculine plural noun that can be used in various contexts such as cooking or gardening. You might use it when talking about the vegetables you're going to cook for dinner, or when discussing what you're growing in your garden.

Example sentences with  légumes

The French word for food is 'nourriture'. This word is a feminine noun in French, and it is used to describe any kind of meal, dish or general nutrition you consume. For example, if you want to say 'I like food', you would say 'J'aime la nourriture'.

Example sentences with  nourriture

The French word for 'eggs' is 'œufs'. It is commonly used in the same context as in English. For example, to mean the food item or the biological term. It is a masculine noun in French and you would need to use 'les' for 'the' when referring to specific eggs, i.e. 'les œufs'.

Example sentences with  œufs

'Ordre' is the French translation for 'order' and it is used in similar contexts as in English. It can be used to signify a sequence or arrangement, a request for some product or service, or a command given by someone in authority. But it's important to note that certain context-specific uses of 'order' in English may require different French translations. Always consider the sentence as a whole before deciding which French word to use.

Example sentences with  ordre

The French word for bread is 'pain'. It is a masculine noun, so you would say 'le pain'. It is used similarly to how it is used in English. For example: 'Je mange du pain' translates to 'I eat bread'.

Example sentences with  pain

The word 'poisson' in French is used similarly to the English 'fish'. You can use it to refer to the animals that live in water, the act of fishing, and also for the dish cooked with fish as an ingredient.

Example sentences with  poisson

The word 'pomme' in French is used exactly how 'apple' is used in English. It refers to the sweet, round fruit from an apple tree, often consumed raw or used in cooking. It's a common basis for French pastries like 'tarte aux pommes' (apple tart).

Example sentences with  pomme

The French word 'poulet' translates to 'chicken' in English. It is commonly used to refer to the animal as well as the meat. For instance, in a restaurant, you might order 'poulet' from the menu.

Example sentences with  poulet

In French, 'riz' refers to the starchy grain used in various culinary dishes. Similar to English, it is a noun and does not have a gender. It is normally used in the context of food preparation or meals.

Example sentences with  riz

The French word 'viande' is used quite similarly to 'meat' in English. It refers to the flesh of an animal, particularly mammals or birds, used as food. For example, 'Pouvez-vous ajouter de la viande à cette recette?' means 'Can you add meat to this recipe?'. Remember, in French, you need to use 'de la' before 'viande' when talking about some meat or meat in general.

Example sentences with  viande
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