French French Farewell Phrases

Learn French phrases to express farewell. Say goodbye in different scenarios with correct pronunciation and usage.

à bientôt
See you soon

The French term 'à bientôt' is used in a similar way as 'see you soon' in English. It is used when taking leave from someone, with the implication that you will see them in the near future. It is a casual phrase, commonly used in conversation.

Example sentences with  à bientôt
à demain
See you tomorrow

The French expression 'à demain' is used when you want to say 'see you tomorrow' to someone. It's a very common phrase used in casual conversations. Please note 'demain' means tomorrow in French.

Example sentences with  à demain
à plus tard
See you later

The French phrase 'à plus tard' is often used during parting, equivalent to the English 'see you later'. It is a casual expression and mostly used among friends or people of the same age. It is used when you predict to see the other person later on the same day.

Example sentences with  à plus tard
au revoir

The French word 'au revoir' is used to say 'bye' when leaving or parting from someone. It's a commonly used form of farewell. It directly translates to 'to the seeing', meaning 'until we see each other again'.

Example sentences with  au revoir
au revoir pour toujours
Goodbye forever

The French phrase 'au revoir pour toujours' is used almost identically to 'goodbye forever' in English. It is a formal and somewhat dramatic way of saying goodbye, indicating that you do not expect to see the person again. However, it is not frequently used in casual conversation, as it carries a strong emotional weight.

Example sentences with  au revoir pour toujours
jusqu'à ce que nous nous rencontrions à nouveau
Until we meet again

The French translation 'jusqu'à ce que nous nous rencontrions à nouveau' is often used in formal or informal situations to say goodbye, in the hope or expectation of meeting the person again in the future. The phrase has a poetic, sentimental connotation.

Example sentences with  jusqu'à ce que nous nous rencontrions à nouveau
jusqu'à la prochaine fois
Until next time

The French phrase 'jusqu'à la prochaine fois' is used at the end of a conversation or meeting. It means 'until next time' or 'until we meet again'. It is used in a similar context as it is in English, wishing for a reunion or indicating that there will be another time when the people involved will meet or do something together again.

Example sentences with  jusqu'à la prochaine fois
Until then

The French term 'jusque-là' is used in the same context as 'until then' in English. It is often used to refer to a certain point in time that will occur in the future. For example, in the sentence 'I will see you at the meeting, until then, take care', in French it would be 'Je te verrai à la réunion, jusque-là, prends soin de toi'.

Example sentences with  jusque-là
nous nous verrons
We'll see each other

The phrase 'nous nous verrons' in French is equivalent to 'we'll see each other' in English. It's a reflexive verb in future tense. This phrase is commonly used when you are saying goodbye to someone and want to express the expectation of meeting again in the future.

Example sentences with  nous nous verrons
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