French Disciplines and Artistic Qualities

Collection of French translations for disciplines and artistic qualities


The word 'artiste' in French is used very similarly to the word 'artist' in English. It refers to a person who creates art, often professionally. This could apply to a range of artistic professions, including painters, musicians, actors among others. Just as in English, it can also be used metaphorically in French to refer to someone who is extremely skilled in a certain area.

Example sentences with  artiste

The French word 'conception' is used in the same way as 'design' is used in English. It can refer to the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. It's used in contexts like graphic design, industrial design, web design, and fashion design. Like in English, it can also denote a purposeful or intentional arrangement.

Example sentences with  conception

The French word 'créer' is equivalent to the English verb 'create'. It is similarly used in many contexts like, 'to create art', 'to create a plan', or 'to create a meal'. Furthermore, 'créer' agrees with the subject of the sentence and may require various endings based on person, number, tense, mood, etc. For instance, 'Je crée' means 'I create'.

Example sentences with  créer

The word 'photo' in French is also 'photo', pronounced slightly differently. It is a common term used in everyday conversation, and just like its English counterpart, it is used to refer to a picture taken by a camera. You can use it in phrases like 'prendre une photo' which means 'take a photo'.

Example sentences with  photo
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