French French Vocabulary Tag: Cycle of Life

Learn about the French expressions and vocabulary related to the concept of life's cycle, including birth, growth, and death.


The term 'grandir' in French is used to express the idea of becoming larger or increasing in size, which could pertain to both physical and metaphorical growth. Just the same as in English, this term can be used to address a person’s growing in terms of age, knowledge, personal development and so on.

Example sentences with  grandir

The French word for 'death' is 'mort'. It is a noun used in many contexts, similar to English. For example, it could refer to the end of life or a state of being dead. It can also be used metaphorically to express the idea of ending or extinction. Like many nouns, the use of 'mort' might change depending on whether it's used in a figurative or literal sense, and its meaning might be influenced by the words and phrases around it.

Example sentences with  mort
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