French Colors in French

Learn how to name different colors in French. This guide includes pronunciation tips and common color-related phrases.


The French word for 'white' is 'blanc'. It's generally used in the same way as it is in English - to describe the color of something. However, it should be noted that all adjectives in French have to match the gender of the noun they're describing. So you might also see 'blanche' if the noun is feminine.

Example sentences with  blanc

The French word 'couleur' is used in the same context as the English word 'color'. It can refer to the various shades seen by the eye, such as red, blue, yellow, green, etc. It can be used in different contexts such as describing the color of clothes, rooms, hair, eyes, etc. In French, if you want to specify the color of an object, you generally use the construction 'de + color', for instance, 'un chapeau de couleur rouge' which translates to 'a red hat'.

Example sentences with  couleur
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