French Behavior Vocabulary: Learn French

A collection of French words related to behavior for beginner English speakers. Improve your French vocabulary.


The word 'compétence' in French translates to 'skill' in English. It's used much like its English counterpart, referring to the ability to do something well. It might refer to a learned ability, such as 'computer skills', or a natural talent, like 'drawing skills'. Similarly, it can also refer to a proficient capacity in a job or profession, such as 'chef's skills'.

Example sentences with  compétence
pain grillé

In French, 'pain grillé' is the phrase used to describe 'toast'. It is literally translated as 'grilled bread'. You might use it in phrases like 'Je mange du pain grillé pour le petit déjeuner', which means 'I eat toast for breakfast'.

Example sentences with  pain grillé

The French word 'soutien' is used in much the same way as the English word 'support'. It can refer to the act of supporting a cause or person, or a structure which holds up another. It's also used in a more metaphorical sense, like in English, to denote psychological or emotional support.

Example sentences with  soutien
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