French French Vocabulary: Architecture, Sculpture & Painting

Learn useful French terms for discussing architecture, sculpture and painting. Improve your conversational skills in art and design.


The French word for building is 'bâtiment'. It is used in the same way as in English to refer to any type of structure that has a roof and walls, such as houses, schools, offices, etc. For example, 'J'habite dans un grand bâtiment' means 'I live in a big building'.

Example sentences with  bâtiment

The French word 'conception' is used in the same way as 'design' is used in English. It can refer to the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. It's used in contexts like graphic design, industrial design, web design, and fashion design. Like in English, it can also denote a purposeful or intentional arrangement.

Example sentences with  conception

The word 'dessiner' in French translates to 'draw' in English. In French, it is used in much the same contexts as in English. One can use it when talking about creating a picture using pencil, pen or other drawing materials. Like English, it can also be used metaphorically in various expressions.

Example sentences with  dessiner

The word 'église' is used in French to represent a place of Christian worship. It's normally used in the same contexts as 'church' in English. For instance, 'Je vais à l'église chaque dimanche' translates in English as 'I go to church every Sunday.'

Example sentences with  église

The French word 'taille' is used to denote the size or dimensions of an object or person. It can be used in sentences like 'Quelle est votre taille de vêtements?' which translates to 'What is your clothing size?'. Remember, it is pronounced as tɑj in native French.

Example sentences with  taille
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