French Animals

A collection of French vocabulary related to animals.


The French word for animal is 'animal'. It is used in the same context as in English to refer to any member of the Animalia kingdom, including humans. It can be used to describe pets, wildlife, and zoo inhabitants. It can also be an adjective describing anything relating to animals.

Example sentences with  animal

In French, 'chat' is used to refer to a cat. It is a common noun and can be used in various contexts. Just like in English, it can be used to identify the common household pet. It is also masculine, so when describing a cat, use male adjectives.

Example sentences with  chat

The French word 'chien' is used in the same way the English word 'dog' is used. It represents a domestic animal which is a man's best friend. It may be used in various contexts, such as 'Mon chien' (My dog) or 'Un chien méchant' (A nasty dog).

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The word 'poisson' in French is used similarly to the English 'fish'. You can use it to refer to the animals that live in water, the act of fishing, and also for the dish cooked with fish as an ingredient.

Example sentences with  poisson

The French word 'poulet' translates to 'chicken' in English. It is commonly used to refer to the animal as well as the meat. For instance, in a restaurant, you might order 'poulet' from the menu.

Example sentences with  poulet
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