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French Sample French Vocab

tout le monde

The French translation for 'everyone' is 'tout le monde'. It is a universally used phrase in French that refers to all people. It can be used in a variety of contexts, much like its English counterpart. However, unlike English, 'tout le monde' is singular in French and agreeing verbs and adjectives have to be singular too.

Example sentences with  tout le monde

The French word 'de' is used very similarly to the English preposition 'from'. It is used to indicate a point of departure or origin in space or time. It is also combined with several verbs in French to express various concepts like ‘to come from’, ‘to be from’, etc. However, being an integral part of the French language, its usage can be wider and variate depending on context.

Example sentences with  de

The French word for 'full' is 'plein'. It is used similarly to English - to describe something that is complete or contains all that it can. It can be used in various contexts, for example, to describe a full glass of water you'd say 'un verre plein d'eau'.

Example sentences with  plein

The French word for midnight is 'minuit'. It is used in much the same way as in English, to refer to the middle of the night, specifically 12:00 AM. Just like English, it can also be used metaphorically to refer to a critical or transition moment.

Example sentences with  minuit

The French word for 'drug' is 'drogue'. It's used much in the same context as in English, referring to substances that cause physiological changes or effects when introduced into the body. However, it's important to note that while 'drogue' does encompass both legal and illegal substances, the context of its use will often indicate the nature of the drug being referred to.

Example sentences with  drogue

The French word 'tri' translates to 'sort' in English. In French, it is used the same way as the English version. You can use it when you are sorting out items, data or in general when you want to arrange something in an organized manner.

Example sentences with  tri
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